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NEW: Deep-Dive-Corp. - Beats 'n' Things & Melodies

Seit über 13 Jahren steht Deep-Dive-Corp. für glücklich machende Beats, Gooves und Melodien. Schon mit der ersten CD "Support Your Local Groover", die mit dem Nachfolger "Blackmail Recordings" mittlerweile zu den wichtigsten Genre Alben zählen, gelang Deep Dive Corp. im Jahr 2000 der Durchbruch.

Nach 8 Alben sowie der letztjährigen "Funky Freestyle Collection" erscheint nun das neue Album. "Beats 'N' Things & Melodies" enthält 13 Funky-House-Soul Perlen mit einer Meeresbrise der typischen Ethno- und Worldmusik-Elementen. Natürlich dürfen auch diesmal nicht die musikalischen Gäste fehlen. Neben Dauergast Helmut Hattler am Bass und der außergewöhnlichen Sängerin Michele Adamson findet sich diesmal auch die ehemalige Fritz Brause ("Shilly Shally") Sängerin Sabine Sabine am Mikrofon ein. Ein frisches und spannendes Album für musikalische Tiefseetaucher welches sich, mit vielen Melodien und Grooves von Kopf bis Fuss, beim Hörer einschmeichelt.

"Beats 'N' Things & Melodies" erscheint in einem "Gold und Matt/Glanzdruck" DigiPak in einer streng auf 1.000 Einheiten limitierten Auflage!

Beats 'N' Things & Melodies

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The melodic groover, Peter Musebrink and his alter ego, Deep-Dive-Corp. is proudly back with a new album-release. Peter Musebrink who is also known as P.M.fm. is still committed to producing innovative electronic music that is open, accessible and yet sophisticated.

On the one hand, he reaches out to his time tested and proven musical collaborations with the likes of Hellmut Hattler, the bass genius behind many of the past Deep Dive releases. Here you will recognize Hattler' expanding on Musbrink's creative ideas with his perfect bass lines on the tracks: „All You Want", „Wider", „Coverfake" and „About You". On the either hand, the new release, includes new collaborations with the likes of the German singer, Sabine Sabine (Fritz Brause) who has added an edge by joining the Deep Dive universe on the tracks: „Down“ and „Django“. This release contains a good many vocal tracks. Other collaborations include Michele Adamson (Shpongle and Alan Parsons) who provides an outstanding vocal performance to „Don't Say", the super funny „Fired Up" and the almost hypnotic „Relax", where she rides on top of Musebrink's groovy production.

The opener, „Distort Me" features Peter Musbrink's own voice and unique guitar sound as well as his beloved Brass sound and 303s. „Guitaria" features Deep-Dive-Corp.´s unmistakable trademark acoustic guitar and sound associated with P.M.fm.

Deep-Dive-Corp, through this release offers a truly creative sound. Beats 'N' Things & Melodies is the 8th outing in 12 years for Deep Dive that proves that it still has a lot to say and here to stay. Come and join the crowd of movers and groovers who enjoy this electronic act live or on a party dance floor or in the living room (or any other room for that matter).

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